Divide to Conquer

      As typical human beings, we all like things to go our way. That often leads to our thinking we are right about most things, if not all things. That erroneous concept is what the division-focus force (some calls it Satan, the enemy, or the devil) utilizes as its main tool. That divisive spirit counts on us to believe that whatever idea we have of somebody is true. If we think it, it must be accurate… Not necessarily. For those of us who became Christians by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior, the bible calls us righteous by faith. That means God Himself deems us to be righteous because of our faith, and nothing else. However, just because we are righteous by God’s standard doesn’t imply we are right all the time. After all, we are still humans, prone to error. Just because we feel or think that so and so has done wrong in a particular situation doesn’t make it a reality. Once the divisive force has set the stage for a false portrayal that seems to be as accurate as the earth being round, he then relies on us to judge ourselves and others with two different measuring cups. As pastor Joseph Prince so rightly pointed out “We judge others by their actions. We judge ourselves by our intentions”. The accuser of the brethren is sneaky enough to make certain events or behaviors appear to be exactly what he wants us to think about another person.


      All this to divide and conquer. That’s the enemy’s ultimate goal, because he knows we are stronger united than divided. Once each of us is isolated, without mutual support, he’s able to gain more grounds to defeat us one by one. The divisive force’s plan: divide and conquer. How about we adopt a better plan for our lives: unite and conquer? We can be a lot more productive when we join hands, as opposed to trying to make it out on our own or coming against one another. Making our love for one another more valuable than a random thought planted in our mind is the most effective weapon to become or remain united conquerors. “Love conquers all”. Let’s unite and conquer!


Louise Beaubrun-Macaluso, PhD

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