My List Of Gratitude

This week is the time most of us engage in reflecting on what has been going well in our lives, the things for which we are thankful. I for one have A Lot to be grateful for; I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my many blessings and the source of such good fortunes.


Recently on my radio show, we discussed the importance of having an attitude of gratitude. One of my suggestions was to create a personal list of gratitude, which can be revisited every so often, especially if/when encouragement is desperately needed. Also, gratitude is a must and it shouldn’t be only a yearly practice, for each day is a gift with many layers of blessings. Therefore, to follow through with my own recommendation, below are just 3 main points out of my list of gratitude.


1) Breath of life:


About two decades ago, when I was only a teenager, I found myself at death’s door as a result of a tragic fire. Having come so close to dying at such a young age, it makes it very hard for me to take my life for granted. I’m specifically appreciative for the ability to breathe on my own; during my first three months of recovery I had to rely on medical machines to do the breathing for me. So, I am 1000% thankful for the breath of life!


2) Equal Opportunity Dreaming:


I am thankful I have no restrictions as to how big I can dream. Dreaming is accessible to anyone, whether rich, poor, able-bodied, or disabl​​ed. Consequently, neither my health, socio-economic status, or my ethnic background weren’t able to prevent me from conceiving the dreams I had, even while I was bedridden in the hospital. Nobody could tell me I was too sick, too young, or too anything to dream. My dreams gave me wings… wings that enabled me to travel to the future in my mind to see myself where I aspired to be. Fast-forward a few years later, I am now given the grace to be living those dreams that were conceived during some of the darkest of times. Thank heaven for equal opportunity dreaming!


3) My relationship with Jesus:


What ties up the aforementioned points and all good things in my life is my relationship with Jesus, for which I am beyond grateful. Everything may change (i.e. health, friendships, and family). However, my close relationship with Jesus is the sustaining source that has kept me going, enabling me to soar even in times of weakness. I heavily lean on Jesus as He continues to see me through each step of my journey; knowing Him as a friend, healer, and redeemer has been a marvelous experience of discovering and rediscovering His unfailing love, mercy, grace, and faithfulness toward me. Saying that I am thankful for Jesus seems to be the understatement of the century. Therefore, I’ll just say I owe Him EVERYTHING!
Gratitude is a must. It should not only be a yearly practice, because each day is a gift with many layers of blessings. I just outlined three of the numerous things for which I am thankful. What are you grateful for today?



Louise Beaubrun-Macaluso, PhD









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