The Gift of a Mother

          Aside from the nine months of arduous pregnancy, a mother’s roles expand from her children’s births to her last breath. From the moment she learns she is expecting a baby, the mother makes an undying vow to love, care for, and protect her child, no matter their age.


      As for love, a mother’s love goes so deep and is shown in so many ways, at times it may be interpreted as constant nagging. In fact, it’s only her love that is being manifested through worries, which may generate repetitive questions and lectures. A mother’s fountain of love drives her to ensure her children’s well-being and safety at all times. As for care, a mother’s innate desire to provide the best of care to her offspring transcends time, age, and location. Taking away her ability to care for them is like amputating the legs of a professional track runner. As for protection, a mother will endure all sorts of pain, mistreatment, and humiliation silently in order to preserve peace and happiness in her children’s lives.


      The list of sacrifices and acts of love and devotion is innumerable, as it increases with each passing day. Hence the reason why the gift of a mother is so priceless. However, it is imperative to strive to repay her with tokens of appreciation every chance we get to do so. The beauty of it all is that the gifts a mother craves the most from her children have no monetary values. Some of the things a mother longs for, but hardly ever asks for include:

  1. Time: Spending quality time with the person who gave you life, while allocating her your undivided attention… Even if she is telling a story you’ve heard a million times.
  2. Call: A simple call from her child brightens her day in ways material gifts could never accomplish.
  3. Priority: Unexpected and unwarranted gestures show her that she is a cherished priority; that in turn makes her feel special.

      These simple things alone brings her immesurable joy. The only time we have is now. Do what you must today: enjoy, appreciate, and pour love on that gift, the gift of a mother.



Louise Beaubrun-Macaluso, PhD

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