True Love

      Oftentimes the definition of love seems to be so vague. It is regularly confused with other things (i.e. lust or infatuation) that are far from being love. I am fortunate to have experienced love in the true sense of the term. That wonderful love is shown to me over and over, sometimes in big gestures and other times in the smallest gestures that also means a great deal to me. The last couple months have been challenging health-wise. As a result of a burn injury, I contend with chronic pain on a daily basis, though some days are worse than others. When you deal with some form of pain day in and day out, it becomes an intrinsic part of your life. I consequently have to make decision about going out based on the level of pain on those particular days. When the pain is too intense, I sometimes have to stay home in order not to exacerbate my condition; that involves postponing scheduled outings with family and friends. It’s a shame to say that people who should know better sometime show a lack of compassion, resulting in my regretting ever mentioning my health issues at all. That and the constant pain resulted in deep sadness, which I kept to myself. I could see the effects of that overwhelming chagrin in my inability to be excited about events that I normally would be exhilarated about; I also noticed it in my lackadaisical attitude toward typically enjoyable activities. The culminating effects of it all have been isolation and a sense of loneliness from not being able to socialize that much.


      Fortunately, as I grapple with the increased pain, I see love in action through my husband. When the pain gets so intense, getting out of bed to go to the kitchen or the bathroom is a dreadful thought. But my darling husband has been beyond attentive to my needs, constantly asking me if he could do anything, get me something to eat or drink, or go and buy something at the pharmacy to ease the pain. I could see his genuine care and some sense of powerlessness. He is truly a gift from God. I’m thankful for having the privilege of experiencing true love in action, which makes me love my husband even more. Our love isn’t one of those glamorized story, but it’s a pure love that money can’t buy.


      To those who are still waiting and longing to meet that special someone, take heart. The one who is meant for you has already been reserved for you. When that time comes, you won’t have to work hard at presenting a perfect persona, which would be an absurd attempt given that none of us is perfect. Everything will fall into place when you meet that person who is predestined to be your valentine. As you await your true love, celebrate yourself and all you have to offer!



Louise Beaubrun-Macaluso, PhD

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