Who Do You Think You Are?

Nowadays we are bombarded by societal suppositions as to the ideal traits one should possess. These beliefs are often portrayed by means of television, magazines, and social networks. One such concept is that we have to be extra skinny with specific features that would “qualify” us as worthy of any type of attention. Another one is social status (i.e. financial position, who we know, and/or education level). While these criteria may be good aspirations, they are far from being what makes us who we are. We tend to slowly embrace a view of ourselves based on either our circumstance(s) or what others make us out to be. Our past or present situations do not determine or dictate who we truly are.


When it comes to social perceptions, how can you rely on the views of people who barely know you or those who only know you in the abstract to define yourself? The core of who you are (i.e. your heart, your perspective on life, and goals etc.) is unknown to them. Therefore, whatever their perception of you (or what/who they think you may be) isn’t grounded enough to make you forget who your creator made you to be. You are much more than your looks, your credentials, or socio-economic status. Don’t get lost in the surface of who you are. People from whom you least expect it will turn against you, think the worst of you, and even attempt to tarnish your reputation. It is up to you to remember who God created you to be. How about starting an adventure to get to know your true self, with all your genuine qualities and talents that accurately reflect who your maker says you are? Your creator who is fully aware of the values He instilled in you says you are “fearfully and wonderfully made”! He has equipped you with everything you need within you to pursue your dreams, function as who you are made to be, and succeed.


Action plan: Let go of any negative perception of yourself based on socio-cultural views. Begin to accept and love yourself… your true self.



Louise Beaubrun-Macaluso, PhD

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